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Accent Art and Mirror

Mirrors for public spaces such as offices, hallways, hotel rooms and other related rooms are very important. Simply hanging an unframed mirror or painting is not enough. A properly framed, mirror or artwork should both complement the art or mirror as well as match the room decor and general theme of the property.

Well put together spaces give a harmony to the space and create an equillibrium that the occupier of that space can feel. Make your spaces more productive by letting the Design Consultants at Accent Art and Mirror show you what works best. Call today!

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What we do


Made in the USA Backlit Mirrors are perfect for Hotels, Motels, Inns, Bars and Restaurants all benefit from quality mirrors hanging on their walls. Accent Art and Mirror is here to provide high quality mirrors.


For those special design requirements, Accent Art & Mirror can help. From design consultation to VE, our expertise will help achieve your design objective


Create beautiful custom mirrors to match your design vision. Accent Art & Mirror can help engineer those special mirrors for a one of kind project.


Made in the USA Backlit Mirrors are great in multi-family applications too. Accent Art and Mirror provides that extra design element to make every unit stand out in any market.

Made in the USA by Accent Art and Mirror

Made in the USA by

Accent Art and Mirror

Why does "Made in the USA" matter? Quality, Price, Delivery, Ease of Ordering and so much more. Look to Accent Art and Mirror for commercial and hospitality Mirrors and Framed Products custom tailored to your exact specifications.

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Accent Art and Mirror

The World is changing. America is facing Global competition and exhorbitant tariffs. We can change all of that. The Winners will be Made in the USA suppliers and the Losers will be Chinese suppliers.